Designed for student preparation and follow-up, these resources provide information on the ideas, themes and influences found in the exhibitions at Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Sidney Nolan: Search for Paradise

From his nostalgia for St Kilda, his childhood heaven, to his explorations of the Australian landscape and restless travels abroad, Sidney Nolan: Search for Paradise examines one of the artist’s deepest impulses and the journey of self-discovery it engendered.

This resource is designed to support school learning levels 7-12 and Heide Connect and Create Tours of the exhibition Sidney Nolan: Search for Paradise as well as self-guided tours of the exhibition.

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Sidney Nolan, Bathers 1943, ripolin enamel on canvas, 62.9 x 75.5 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, © Sidney Nolan Trust

Carolyn Eskdale: Memory Horizon

In Memory Horizon Carolyn Eskdale presents new work that responds to the modernist architecture of Heide Modern—formerly a domestic house commissioned by Heide founders John and Sunday Reed as ‘a gallery to be lived in’—and that activates the house as its own cast object. After spending time ‘inhabiting’ the building and making ephemeral installations in each of its seven rooms, Eskdale has developed a sculptural language of motifs and forms specific to its character and history.

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3D Virtual Reality Render

Installation view, Carolyn Eskdale: Memory Horizon, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Photograph: CHristian Capurro


While living in Italy in the 1950s Albert Tucker embarked on a new chapter in his artistic practice. Inspired by early Christian and Renaissance art, he painted biblical narratives about resurrection, rebirth and overcoming adversity. It was a time of self-discovery that led him to explore the Australian landscape from a new perspective, relating the fissures of the outback to the idea of physical and emotional scars.

Learning Resource: VCE Art

Learning Resource: VCE Studio Arts

Video Resource: Part 1

Video Resource: Part 2

Video Resource: Part 3

Albert Tucker, Mourning Disciples 1955, oil on composition board, 78.5 x 127 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Donated through the Australian Cultural Gifts Program by Barbara Tucker 2015, © Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation, courtesy of Smith & Singer Fine Art

Shannon Lyons: Dark Kitchen

Shannon Lyons is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores the complex relationships that exist between art and its context. Her works take the form of installations, sculptures, gestures and interventions that critically examine the sites where they are made or exhibited.

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Installation view, Shannon Lyons: Dark Kitchen, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Photograph: Christian Capurro

Terminus: Jess Johnson and Simon Ward

Inspired by Sci-Fi, comics and fantasy movies, Terminus is a virtual reality (VR) installation that transports the viewer into an imaginary landscape of colour and pattern populated by human clones, moving walkways and gateways to new realms.

Learning Resource

Learning resources, including a video and artist interview, are available from the National Gallery of Australia website.

© the artist

An Idea Needing to Be Made: Contemporary Ceramics

An Idea Needing to Be Made is an exhibition centred predominantly around the idea of the vessel form and its continued use and reinvention by contemporary artists working with clay.

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Video Resource: Artist Kate Malone talks about her practice

Watch the exhibition installation

Simone Fraser, Landscrapes Series 2019, dry glaze, mid fired ceramic, 60 x 40 cm diam, Courtesy of the artist and Sabbia Gallery, Sydney, photograph: Greg Piper

Apocalyptic Horse

Apocalyptic Horse is an exhibition exploring psychology, the body and the landscape—and the theatre that ties them together—through the artistic practice of Albert Tucker.

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Albert Tucker, Apocalyptic Horse 1956, oil on hardboard, 62 x 81 cm, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney Purchased 1982, Courtesy of Sotheby's Australia, © Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation

Mirka for Melbourne

Mirka for Melbourne recreates the colourful ambience of the artist’s home and studio, and acknowledges her remarkable contribution to Australia’s cultural life.

Video Resource

Isadora Vaughan: Gaia not the Goddess

For her installation at Heide, Isadora Vaughan reconsiders the basic properties of materials and their capacity to suggest meaning beyond themselves—poetic, political, organic or otherwise

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Installation view, Isadora Vaughan: Gaia not the Goddess, Photograph: Christian Capurro

Mirka Mora: Pas de Deux—Drawings and Dolls

This exhibition brings together some of Mirka Mora's most personal work: drawings and soft-sculpture dolls from her home and studio where she kept them close for many decades.

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Installation view, Mirka Mora: Pas de Deux–Drawings and Dolls 2018, Photo: Peter Dillon for The Design Files

Design for Life: Grant and Mary Featherston

Design for Life explores the career of Grant Featherston, arguably Australia’s most significant modernist designer, and his partnership with Mary Featherston, who is renowned for her design for children

Learning Resource

Take a Seat: Analysing Featherston Design​

Grant Featherston (designer and maker), R152 Contour chair (1950) designed, hardwood, plywood, linen, (other materials), National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Purchased 1955, © Grant Featherston/Licensed by VISCOPY, Australia

Diane Arbus: American Portraits

The images of Diane Arbus stand as powerful allegories of post-war America, and once seen are rarely forgotten. A National Gallery of Australia exhibition.

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Jenny Watson: The Fabric of Fantasy

Jenny Watson is a leading Australian artist whose conceptual painting practice spans more than four decades. The Fabric of Fantasy features works from the 1970s to the present, including examples of Watson’s early realist paintings and drawings, and a number of key series of works on fabric.

Learning resources are available from the Museum of Contemporary Art website

Jenny Watson, Rock Star (detail) 2014, oil, synthetic polymer paint and Japanese pigment on rabbit-skin-glue-primed damask; found toy, Courtesy the artist and Galerie Transit, Mechelen, © the artist

O'Keeffe, Preston, Cossington Smith: Making Modernism

Making Modernism brings together for the first time the iconic art of Georgia O'Keeffe, one of America's most significant painters of the twentieth century, alongside modernist masterpieces by pioneering Australian artists, Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith.

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Further learning resources are available from the Art Gallery of NSW website

Georgia O'Keeffe, Petunia No. 2 1924, oil on canvas, 91.4 x 76.2 cm, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Gift of The Burnett Foundation and Gerald, and Kathleen Peters, © Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Michelle Nikou: a e i o u

Adelaide-based artist Michelle Nikou draws on surrealism in a reflective and productive way to transform mundane domestic objects and materials into sculptures of humour, poignancy and marvel.

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© the artist

Sitelines: Natasha Johns Messenger

This exhibition includes new installations, photographs and light-works by Natasha Johns-Messenger, an artist from Melbourne now based in New York, whose art explores the gap between knowledge and perception.

Video Resource

Sitelines: Natasha Johns-Messenger 2016, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Photograph: Christian Capurro

Dancing Umbrellas: An Exhibition of Movement and Light

An exhibition of moving image, performance, painting and object-based works by contemporary Australian artists which together create a spatio-temporal and visually immersive environment.

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Minna Gilligan, Our Steps Will Always Rhyme 2014, digital print on paper, 29.7 x 21 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Daine Singer, Melbourne, © the artist


MY FELLOW AUS-TRA-ALIENS presents artworks spanning nearly five decades of the long career of Victorian-based artist Aleks Danko, from his earliest exhibitions in the late 1960s through to his recent installations.

Learning Resources are available from the Museum of Conemporary Art website

Aleks Danko, incident – Ambivalence 1991–92, wood, galvanised steel and synthetic polymer paint and varnish, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Purchased with the assistance of stART, MCA Young Patrons, 1993, © the artist

Colour Sensation: The Works of Melinda Harper

Colour Sensation: The Works of Melinda Harper surveys the work of one of Australia’s most significant contemporary abstract artists in her first major museum exhibition.

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Melinda Harper, Untitled 2003, oil on canvas, 183 x 152 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Purchased through the Heide Foundation with the assistance of the Heide Foundation Collectors' Group 2008

21st Century Heide: The Collection since 2000

21st Century Heide: The Collection Since 2000 celebrates recent acquisitions of contemporary art to Heide Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection

21st Century Heide Learning Materials

21st Century Heide Teacher Presentation Notes

Rose Nolan, A Red Constructed Work 1993-1993, synthetic polymer paint, oil paint, cardboard, perspex, tin lid and nylon cord, 32 x 84 x 63 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gift of Rose Nolan 2014, © the artist

Abstraction-Création: J.W Power in Europe 1921-1938

J.W. Power was Australia’s most successful expatriate painter of the interwar years. This exhibition focuses on Power’s career in the context of London and Paris between the wars.

Abstraction-Création Learning Materials

Abstraction Création Teacher Presentation Notes

J.W Power (1881–1943), Flower in Parenthesis c.1933, oil on canvas, 96.3 x 93.7 cm, The University of Sydney managed by Museum of Contemporary Art, Edith Power Bequest 1961, © the artist

Being Human: The Graphic Works of George Baldessin

This exhibition presents a selection of Baldessin’s prints and drawings from the Heide Collection, ranging from the artist’s first exhibition in Melbourne in 1964 through to the year of his untimely death in 1978, aged thirty-nine.

Learning Resource

George Baldessin, Seated Figure 1973, colour etching and aquatint plate, 56.2 x 50.5 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gift of Tess, Gabriel and Ned Baldessin 2010, © Estate of George Baldessin

Emily Floyd: Far Rainbow

In 'Far Rainbow' Floyd looks at themes of utopianism and community, while exploring how some theories of learning and alternative education might be applied to contemporary art, or articulated through the art object.

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Emily Floyd, Far Rainbow 2013, Courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and Sydney, © the artist

Collage: The Heide Collection

This exhibition considers collage as both a method and a theoretical device in Australian art from the late 1930s to the present time.

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Robert Rooney, Material 1963, collage and ink on paper, 44 x 69.5 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gift of Robert Rooney 2001, Courtesy of the artist

The Sometimes Chaotic World of Mike Brown

An intimate look at the prolific, boundary breaking work of Mike Brown, from his early days with the collaborative artist group the Imitation Realists, to the final years of his life.

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Mike Brown, It ain't necessarily so 1969-70, synthetic polymer paint and collage on Swiss cotton blind, 234 x 111 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Purchased with funds from the Truby and Florence Williams Charitable Trust, ANZ Trustees 2011-12, © The Estate of Mike Brown

Born to Concrete: The Heide Collection

Visual Poetry from the Collections of Heide Museum of Modern Art and the University of Queensland.

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Alex Selenitsch, monoton eeeeeee 1969, plastic letters on enamel on composition board, 4 x 71.5 x 59 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gift of Alex Selenitsch and Merron Selenitsch 2011, © Alex Selenitsch

Fiona Hall: Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting draws attention to the earth and its life forms as macro and microcosmic sites of conflict: battlefields and wastelands decimated by violent forces, the big games of human greed and folly.

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Fiona Hall: Big Game Hunting installation view 2013, Heide Museum of Modern Art Photograph: John Brash

Louise Bourgeois: Late Works

Bourgeois was one of the most influential, inventive and provocative artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and her work continues to expand the scope of subject matter and source material for contemporary art practices.

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Louise Bourgeois: Late Works installation view 2012, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne Photograph: John Gollings

Less is More: Minimal and post Minimal Art in Australia

This exhibition explores the Minimal Art and the re-working of Minimalism by contemporary artists today.

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Dan Flavin, monument to V. Tatlin 1966-69, fluorescent tubes 274.5 x 71 x 11.3 cm National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Purchased 1978 © Dan Flavin/ARS. Licensed by Viscopy 2012

Louis Saxton: Sanctuary

I spy with my Heide eye...Can you find what I am looking at.

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Louise Saxton, Flaming Flamingo 2011, reclaimed needlework, lace pins, nylon tulle, 96 x 78 cm, Courtesy of the artist, Photograph: Gavin Hasford

Ken Whisson: As If

In a career spanning over sixty years, Ken Whisson has been making thoughtful and uncompromising paintings and drawings which hold a unique place in Australian art.

Learning Resource

Ken Whisson, Group Photo with Big Bottle and Green Boat 2010, oil on linen, 85 x 120 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Watters Gallery, Sydney

Callum Morton: In Memoriam

Callum Morton is a well-established Melbourne artist who works with architecture, modernism and the emotional and social impact of built spaces

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Callum Morton, Monument #28: Vortex 2011, polystyrene, epoxy resin, sand, wood, synthetic polymer paint, glass, 540 x 330 x 380 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney

Colour Bazaar: Nine Contemporary Works

This exhibition brings together nine works by contemporary artists to create a colourful, eclectic and texturally diverse display that resembles the visual richness of a bazaar.

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Emily Floyd, Steiner Rainbow 2006, MDF, 2 part epoxy paint, Courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne

Albert Tucker: Images of Evil

The Images of Modern Evil series offers a probing and powerful insight into the schismatic social and political climate of World War II and its aftermath.

Learning Resource

Albert Tucker, Image of Modern Evil: Paris Night 1948, oil on canvas on composition board, 38.5 x 46.5 cm, National Gallery of Australia, Gift of the artist 1985, © Barbara Tucker

Up Close

Up Close traces the significant legacy of Australian photographer Carol Jerrems (1949–1980) and situates her work alongside that of other photo-based artists; Larry Clark and Nan Goldin from New York and William Yang from Sydney.

Education Resource

Robert Ashton, Portrait of Carol Jerrems, Prahran 1970, Private Collection, Courtesy of the artist

Cubism and Australian Art

Cubism and Australian Art considers the impact of the revolutionary and transformative movement of Cubism on Australian art from the early twentieth century to the present day.

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Robert Rooney, After Colonial Cubism 1993, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 122 x 198.3 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Purchased through the Heide Foundation with the assistance of the Heide Foundation Collectors' Group and the Robert Salzer Fund 2008. Courtesy of the artist

Kathy Temin

This exhibition examines the conceptual and material evolution of Kathy Temin's work over the past twenty years.

Education Resource

Kathy Temin, Indoor Monument: Hard Dis-play 1995-2009, synthetic polymer paint on composition board, 600 x 37 x 600 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, © the artist

The art of existence, Les Kossatz

The art of existence is the first exhibition to review Les Kossatz’s contribution to Australian art in a career that spans the1960s to today.

Education Resource

Les Kossatz, Ram in a Sling 1973, wool, stainless steel, synthetic polymer paint, 66 x 129.3 x 126.5 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, © Estate of Les Kossatz

Mordern Times: the untold story of modernism in Australia

Modern times: the untold story of modernism in Australia reveals the transformations in art and life across a period of five decades – 1917 to 1967.

Education Recource

Modern times installation view 2009, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Photograph: John Brash

Hinterlands: ALbert Tucker's landscapes 1960 - 1975

Tucker had begun painting Australian landscape themes while living in Italy (1952–56), relying on his memory of the topography and its distinctive forms.

Education Resource

Albert Tucker, Parrots in Bush 1973, oil and mixed media on composition board, 60.5 x 75.9 cm, Cbus Collection of Australian Art as advised by Dr Joseph Brown AO OBE, © Estate of Barbara Tucker

Order and Dissent: works from the Heide Collection

Order and dissent investigates the dialogue and debate generated by originality, diversity and nonconformity in a selection of works from the Heide Collection.

Education Resource

Peter Booth, Painting 1986, oil on canvas, 167 x 244 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Purchased from Powell Street Gallery 1987, Courtesy of the artist

A Single Mind: RIck Amor

This exhibition surveys the work of contemporary Australian artist Rick Amor.

Education Resource

Rick Amor, Self Portrait with postcard of Greco Roman bust 2003, oil on canvas, 97 x 130 cm, Collection of The University of Queensland, Purchased 2005, © Rick Amor

Savage Luxury: Modernist Design in Melbourne 1930-1939

Savage Luxury is the first exhibition to comprehensively review the emergence of early modernist furniture and interior design in Melbourne in the 1930s.

Education Resource

Savage Luxury installation view, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Photograph: David Pidgeon

Perfect for Every Occasion: Photography Today

Perfect for every occasion: photography today is one of the first exhibitions to consider what has been developing in Australian photography in the twenty-first century.

Education Resource

Chantelle Faust, Blue Svetlana 2004, type C photograph, 40 x 52 cm, © Chantal Faust