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Care and Conservationof the Heide Collection

This resource focuses on the methods and considerations used to present, conserve and take care of artworks in the Heide Collection. The core of the Heide Collection comprises 500 artworks assembled from the 1930s to the 1970s representing artists now regarded as central figures in the history of Australian modernism. This resource also explores Heide Modern as another distinctive gallery space that similarly has heritage overlays. Heide Modern exhibitions are often site-responsive installations that are in conversation with the building’s much admired warm palette of materials and harmonious spatial qualities, whereas the Heide Cottage display celebrates the foundation story of the museum with works from the Collection by artists in the Heide Circle.

Note: All schools attending Heide’s VCE Art Making and Exhibiting Care and ConservationTour receive the comprehensive resource on booking.

photograph: Fred Kroh