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Heide Learning Programs offer accessible, high quality opportunities for Victorian primary and secondary students to engage with modern and contemporary art in various contexts across five different gallery spaces, and with active learning in Heide’s sculpture park and extensive gardens.

All programs are devised in collaboration with teachers to align with curriculum goals in F-10. Programs are tailored to suit specific learning goals and offer activities for students experiencing anxiety and disengagement.



Connect to Art Exhibition Tours

Students engage with artworks through in-depth analysis of a specific exhibition, examining themes, discussing the formal qualities of artworks, and their cultural and social contexts, interpretations and meanings.

Suitable for F-10. Programs are tailored to suit different year levels

Create Art Workshops + Exhibition Tours

Students will extend their understanding of art practice through their first-hand experience making work focused on materials, techniques and processes. Students work with an artist to create artworks in response to the ideas, concepts, materials and processes they have seen in their Connect to Art Exhibition Tour. Students work either independently or collaboratively and are encouraged to be reflective, consider new ideas, and experiment with materials, techniques and processes.

Suitable for F-10. Workshops can be tailored to suit your students’ individual needs. Create Art Workshops + Exhibition Tours combine both an Exhibition Tour and an Art Workshop.

Connect to Sculpture Tours

Heide has one of the largest collections of outdoor sculpture in Australia, including major works by Anthony Caro, Simryn Gill, Anish Kapoor and Inge King. In this facilitated tour, students view a range of sculptural works in the Heide Sculpture Park, investigating shape, form, texture and scale and consider the diverse materials and techniques artists utilise. Programs encourage reflective observations and independent thinking.

Suitable for F-10. Programs are tailored to suit different year levels

Create Sculpture Workshops + Sculpture Tours

Working independently or collaboratively and using a variety of materials, students create a three-dimensional maquette for Heide’s sculpture park. This problem-solving workshop encourages students to explore the expressive potential of shape, form, space, colour, texture and light in relation to the surrounding environment.

Suitable for F-10. Workshops are tailored to suit different year levels. Create Sculpture Workshops + Exhibition Tours combine both an Sculpture Tour and an Art Workshop.

Nature and Culture Program

Heide’s Nature and Culture Program is ideal for students experiencing anxiety or disengagement. An active, sensory exploration of Heide’s extensive sculpture park and gardens is accompanied by an inspirational art and nature workshop encouraging creativity and curiosity.

Suitable for F-10. Programs are tailored to suit different year levels.

Format & fees

Bookings are essential for all school groups visiting Heide Museum of Modern Art, including self-guided visits. Programs are priced per student below.


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photograph: Clytie Meredith