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Raafat IshakEye Looking at Large Glass Broken

Presented in the celebrated modernist building, Heide Modern, Eye Looking at Large Glass Broken is a major new body of work by Melbourne-based artist Raafat Ishak consisting of sculptural objects, a sound work and a series of paintings. Thought provoking and richly layered, the exhibition highlights the ongoing social and cultural change that is transforming contemporary cultures globally through multiple points of view and diversity of expression and creativity.

These resources are designed to support school learning levels 7–12 and Heide Connect and Create Tours as well as self-guided tours of the exhibition.

Developing an exhibition: themes and connections

Artist Raafat Ishak talks about developing Eye Looking at Large Glass Broken, his site-responsive exhibition in Heide Modern, and the strategies he used to display his works while working with the natural environment of the building’s modernist spirit.

Raafat Ishak’s Creative Practice

Artist Raafat Ishak talks about his creative practice and his approach to the materials, techniques, processes and cultural context of selected artworks including his Egyptian heritage and experience of migration in his exhibition Eye Looking at Large Glass Broken.

Raafat Ishak’s Collaborative Creative Process

Artist Raafat Ishak invited five artists to collaborate with him on his exhibition Eye Looking at Large Glass Broken talks about art as a collaborative process, where artists are influenced and affected by each other, and the importance of building relationships and communities of peers.

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