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Heide ModernA Space Between

This resource focuses on Heide Modern: A Space Between. The exhibition explores the concept of home as a site where conversations, recreation, labour, intimate relationships and closely held values and beliefs cohabitate, and considers how architecture shapes lived experience. The exhibition reflects on ideas of memory and domesticity, and the intersection of private and public life in the context of a former residence that is now a much-loved museum. This resource focuses specifically on the works held in the Heide Collection of artists Micky Allan, Stephen Benwell, Jon Campbell, Zoë Croggon, David McDiarmid, Joy Hester, Hilarie Mais, Erica McGilchrist, Rose Nolan and Jenny Watson. Students are encouraged to consider how the architecture of the Heide Modern building enhances or influences the viewing experience of the artworks, and whether experiencing art in a space where people lived and shared experiences adds to its emotional impact.

Installation view, Heide Modern: A Space Between, photograph: Clytie Meredith

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