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About us

Heide is a public art museum and sculpture park located on a stretch of the Yarra River in Melbourne that has long served as a meeting point and as a creative hub.

Once a significant Wurundjeri gathering place, the site later attracted the artists of the Australian impressionist School before becoming the home of art patrons John and Sunday Reed in 1935.

The Reeds and their circle of artists and writers embraced the brave and the new in art and ideas and their spirited legacy inspires the museum’s activities today, from collaborating with emerging and mid-career artists to celebrating those who have made major contributions to Australian and international art.

Set on 6.5 hectares of parkland with five gallery spaces, award-winning architecture and a distinctive collection of more than 3,600 works of art, Heide holds a special place in the cultural landscape of Australia.

Purpose, vision and mission

The Heide Spirit

To make the most of tomorrow, by understanding where we’ve been.


To uphold and evolve the Heide spirit across art and ideas, increasing audience diversity and deepening engagement, securing a more sustainable future, and ensuring our ongoing relevance.


We will work to bring Heide’s stories, and its remarkable collection and landscape, to life in innovative and inclusive ways. We will inspire creative talent, improving exposure for emerging and mid-career artists, and we will attract a wide range of audiences—the loyal, the new and the virtual. We will forge new partnerships and generate new investment. We will build on Heide’s sustainability practices and protect our unique cultural and environmental heritage.

photograph: Sean Fennessey

Collection policy

The Heide Collection was established in 1980 when the Victorian State Government purchased 112 works of art from John and Sunday Reed along with the property comprising Heide Modern (previously known as Heide II) and its associated grounds. A further 388 works were bequeathed by the Reeds in 1982, bringing to 500 the number of works derived from the Reeds’ personal holdings, which they amassed across five decades. The Heide Collection has since expanded to comprise more than 3,700 works.

This document details how this important body of works is cared for, how new material is acquired, and how access is provided to the public.

Annual Reports