Things that will not sit still

4 June 20 November 2022
Heide Cottage
Melissa Keys
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Drawn from the Heide Museum of Modern Art collection Things that will not sit still explores the shifting nature of perception, art and ideas. The exhibition addresses the way in which the selected artworks attend to, or, suggest movement—forward and back across time—shifts in focus, perceptual dissolution, forms of disruption and agitation. Some works contain, or address, multiple ideas or reference points—constellations of thought that jostle in the mind and fail to come to rest. Things that will not sit still attends to the complex dialogue between art, mind and experience.

Jacky Redgate, Light Throw (Mirrors) #7, from the series Light Throw (Mirrors) 2009, chromogenic print, 126 x 158 cm, Purchased with funds from the Robert Salzer Foundation and the Truby and Florence Williams Charitable Trust, ANZ Trustees 2013