16 November 2019 14 March 2020
Heide III: Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery
Laura Couttie
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Dark Kitchen is a new site-specific installation by Shannon Lyons that draws connections between the passage-like environment of this ‘white cube’ gallery space, and the design of ‘dark kitchens’, a recent, and largely invisible, innovation developed to service the growing food delivery industry.

A playfully subversive interrogation of the mechanics of art galleries, the exhibition continues Lyons’ longstanding interest in examining the gallery as a cultural institution endowed with the ability to poetically transform objects and activities.

In this installation, she responds to the unique social and institutional histories of Heide, while also imbuing the supposedly non-commercial, contemplative space of the gallery with a critique of the neoliberal power structures that exist in contemporary life.

Shannon Lyons, A Dead Mouse and a Broken Coffee Machine 2018, plywood, pine, wood stain, ‘Marquee’ laminate bench top, coffee machine, coffee grinder, paper coffee cups, coffee beans, coffee knocker, stainless steel dariole mould, milk jug, screws and taxidermied mouse, stool,, Performer: Jesse Dyer (Barista), Photo: Christo Crocker