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Jude Walton Lehte

9 – 11 May 2014
Heide Modern

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Nineteenth-century literary invention from leht (“leaf”)

Estonian female given name

My mother’s name reversed

Albanian lehtë: lightweight, easy

Old English leoht: light (of little weight), light (illumination)

Jude Walton: Lehte 2014
Heide II shelf
Performer: Fiona Bryant
Photograph: Cobie Orger

Lehte is a site-specific performance incorporating dance, piano and archival film, which responds to the architecture of Heide II. Jude Walton re-imagines this beautiful building as a performance, taking its physical materials and dimensions and transforming them into scores for piano and dancers. The sounds and movements within the empty Heide II are dependent on the building’s unique acoustics and spaces, and what they evoke in the listener-viewer. Walton asks us to consider how architecture can live and breathe, through a sensorial experience of space transmitted through the bodies of dancers and musicians.

Choreographed, directed and produced by Jude Walton in collaboration with the performers Phoebe Robinson, Fiona Bryant and Michelle Ferris

Pianist and composer Kym Dillon

Costume design Jude Walton