House of Ideas Modern Women

1 May 31 October 2021
Heide Cottage
Chloe Jones (guest curator)
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House of Ideas: Modern Women celebrates the influential women artists, writers, poets and progressive thinkers associated with Heide who were central to its cultivation as a vibrant intellectual and artistic environment. While respected and admired among their inner circle, the broader cultural contributions of these women has often been overlooked or regarded as secondary to the achievements of their male contemporaries. Drawing on key works and archival material from the museum’s collection, this exhibition illuminates the ways in which the creative women of Heide inspired and shaped the development of modern art and literature in Australia in the twentieth century.

The exhibition includes the work of Sunday Reed, Cynthia Reed Nolan, Moya Dyring, Mary Boyd, Joy Hester, Mirka Mora, Yvonne Boyd, Barbara Blackman, Erica McGilchrist and Jean Langley.

Erica McGilchrist, Improvisation No III (Munich) 1961, watercolour and gouache on paper, 23.5 x 35.3 cm, Gift of Erica McGilchrist 2013, © Estate of Erica McGilchrist