Emily Floyd Far Rainbow

Emily Floyd
15 March 13 July 2014
Heide Galleries
Sue Cramer
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Taking its title from a Soviet science-fiction story set on the imaginary planet Rainbow, this survey is drawn from the past ten years of Emily Floyd’s fifteen-year practice while also including new works devised specifically for Heide’s galleries and grounds. Utopian thinking of various types—also at the heart of much science fiction—has been a continual source of inspiration for Floyd, and her work draws from the legacies of radical modernism, exploring ideas about community, activism and alternative education.

In this exhibition her new installation Far Rainbow, for example, has been informed by the New Lanark schoolroom established by visionary industrialist Robert Owen (1771-1858), and she increasingly refers to digital collective models, as typified by the free and open-source operating system Linux.

Floyd is widely known for her large-scale sculptures and public commissions referencing childrens’ educational toys—like those made in the tradition of architect and educationalist Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) or by her own toy-maker father and grandmother. A new permanent outdoor sculpture Abstract Labour commissioned by Heide will be unveiled at the time of the exhibition. The sculpture has been funded by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria and the Victorian Public Sculpture Fund.

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Featuring essays by Sue Cramer and Amelia Barikin on the utopian ideals and science fiction at the heart of Floyd's practice, this beautiful illustrated catalogue includes sixteen pages of installation photography and a complete list of works.

Published in 2014 by Heide Museum of Modern Art

ISBN: 9781921330339 (paperback)



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