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17 April – 25 July 2010
Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery

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Sue Cramer

Charlie Sofo is a young Melbourne artist who works across a range of mediums – sculpture, video, drawing, actions and text. He makes artworks out of the incidental details of life, finding meaning in simple processes, materials and actions. Sofo’s whimsical sculptures are often made from ordinary objects and seemingly insignificant, non-art materials gathered from his daily surroundings – buttons, lint, tablets, rubbers bands, foil wrapping for chocolates, dog-eared pages from books, to name just a few. Such humble items are collected, accumulated and re-configured by the artist into works that embody the traces of their original usage whilst taking on a new poetic life.

Sofo’s project at Heide reflects upon the act of wandering and its importance in his work. The simple statement ‘I wander’ used as the exhibition’s title is the thread or leitmotif that Sofo uses to draw together particular aspects of his practice. The videos, sculptures, texts and drawings in the exhibition arise out of the physical activity of walking which the artist describes as ‘an everyday act, a ritual, an observation, the act of searching and finding’. In keeping with a lineage of Process and Conceptual Art reaching back to the 1970s, Sofo gently probes art’s relation to the everyday, positing it as something discovered, described, or brought to light through his daily interactions with the world.


Download the Charlie Sofo: I Wander Exhibition Brochure

Charlie Sofo
DVD 1.29 minutes duration
Courtesy of the artist and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney