School Holidays Flip Book Animation

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School holidays
Child $15—Concession $12
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Inspired by Charles Blackman’s playful flip books, learn the techniques of animation such as registration, squash ‘n’ stretch and storytelling, to develop a character that comes to life inside a post-it note booklet. You will be amazed at the world you can create in something so small!

Suitable for primary school aged children.

Required materials:

  • IPad or computer with internet access
  • 4 x white pieces of paper (printer paper etc)
  • Grey lead pencil
  • Coloured pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Pen or fine liner
  • 2 x post-it note pads 8cm or 10cm sizes
  • Sticky taper or masking tape

Additional information:

  • All participants to gather required materials prior to class
  • The cost per class is $15 per child ($12 concession)
  • Once paid via Eventbrite a password is sent to each participant
  • Step by step instructions given during the zoom class to ensure that all participants are at the same stage
  • Each participant will have a completed work by the end of the program
  • For enquiries contact