Art & Cinema Monsieur Mayonnaise

Cinema Nova
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Join us for a screening of Monsieur Mayonnaise at Cinema Nova. Afterwards, gallerist William Mora and Heide curator Kendrah Morgan will discuss this amazing family story.

This Q&A has sold out. Due to popular demand, Cinema Nova have announced a limited season commencing February 23.

About the film

Artist and filmmaker Philippe Mora is producing a graphic novel about his late father, Georges Mora, widely known in Melbourne as a beloved contemporary art patron and owner of bohemian eateries Mirka Café, Café Balzac and the Tolarno Restaurant and Galleries. Less known, however, is Georges’ astonishing history in the French resistance during World War II, his friendship with renowned mime Marcel Marceau, and how together they saved thousands of Jewish lives with a fiendishly simple trick involving baguettes and mayonnaise.

Trevor Graham’s documentary follows Philippe as he traces his dad's journey, painting the story as he uncovers it during visits and meals. Revelations are aided by those who knew and helped Georges throughout his life: from his childhood as Günther Morawski to meeting his wife, Mirka Mora, to the family's dramatic survival during the Holocaust. Monsieur Mayonnaise is a lively, colourful, tasty and uniquely personal take on 20th-century history, art, food and family.

Please note, this event is taking place at Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton