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Securing Heide’s future

Heide and the surrounding area, including the sacred site of Bolin Bolin Billabong, is now at a critical juncture in its history, with several major external projects that could change the face of the museum and this culturally significant precinct forever.

The North East Link, Australia’s largest road infrastructure project, will offer great accessibility and tourism benefits for visitors, with the freeway extension enabling a direct route from Melbourne Airport to Heide.

The construction of the road will create challenges to Heide’s operations over a period of several years, but also provides a unique opportunity for the cultural precinct to take advantage of its increased visibility and accessibility and ensure an environmentally and culturally sustainable approach.

We will need your help.

Artists impression, Carmody Groarke

Our vision for Heide and the cultural precinct along the Birrarung/Yarra River is a transformative redevelopment that puts First Peoples first, delivering a groundbreaking blend of First Nations history, culture and Care for Country from Heide to Bolin Bolin.

Expanding on the success of Heide’s artistic programming over the last 40 years, and harnessing its potential to engage existing and new audiences, partner and funders, the new Heide will be a world-class cultural destination that simultaneously celebrates Australian modernist traditions, reflects the rich diversity of contemporary culture and society, and supports ground-breaking creative endeavour.

A central feature of the masterplan is a new building, incorporating state of the art technology, a carbon neutral approach that would be ‘off-grid’, with passive design elements and latest thinking around net zero precincts.

The new Heide will address the limitations of the current site and facilities, while staying true to its authentic narrative and securing its essential place in the Yarra River – Bulleen Precinct.

If you would like to financially support Heide’s redevelopment program or think you can help in some other way please contact the development team on development@heide.com.au.

For the latest information about the North East Link and how it may affect Heide and our local community please see the FAQs compiled by Spark North East Link below.