Mindfulness & Creativity for Teaching and Learning

Friday 3 March 2017, 9am – 3.30pm

Teaching is a demanding profession which requires flexibility, responsibility and accountability to the growing needs and expectations of students, schools and families. With constant review of curriculum and the introduction of new education programs, a teachers’ workload can be very challenging. Mindfulness & Creativity for Teaching and Learning provides opportunities for breakthroughs in reflective thinking, effective communication, language and idea development through a series of guided workshops. Teachers can explore the challenges and opportunities of their profession through exploring skills and strategies for mindfulness and creativity in their teaching practice.

Michele Davies is a practicing artist and passionate educator and the former VCAA Curriculum Manager for Visual Arts. Trained in healing modalities, Michele currently practices ‘Art as therapeutic practice’ ritual and performance and facilitates systemic constellations to support creative flow.

Recommended for Visual Arts educators or generalist teachers of all year levels who are interested in Arts methodologies for learning.

Cost $190 Education Member $150

Includes museum admission, workshop materials, lunch & refreshments from Cafe Heide.