Heide Education Frequently Asked Questions

Can my group visit Heide on Mondays?

Self-guided groups can book a visit to the Sculpture Park and Gardens on Mondays. Toilets are available in the upper carpark and nearby Banksia Park. Please note that the museum galleries and café are open Tuesday – Sunday.

Can I book my tour to start before 10am?

The museum galleries open at 10am from Tuesday – Sunday. Heide Learning programs visiting the exhibitions cannot commence before this time, however, if you have booked a Sculpture Park and Gardens program we can begin before 10am.

What is SMEC and where is it?

The Sidney Myer Education Centre or SMEC, as it is affectionately known, is the studio space where workshop programs and teacher professional development programs are held. It is located on the north side of the property; accessible by walking downhill from the upper carpark, from the lower carpark follow the path past the Heide Galleries and Heide Modern (refer to map). Please check the booking confirmation for your meeting point, which will either be SMEC or the Tony and Cathie Hancy Sculpture Plaza steps (outside the Heide Galleries)

Is there a water tap?

There is water fountain located at the front entrance to SMEC.

Is there a place where we can store bags or lunch tubs?

A small bag room is available for school groups. If you wish to use this facility, the key can be collected from the Heide Galleries information desk upon arrival and returned at the end of the day.

We are travelling from interstate, and wanted to see if we could visit on a weekend. Is this possible?

Yes! We welcome groups visiting from interstate and are happy to accommodate you on the weekend. No doubt you will be booking in advance so we can organise an educator to facilitate your program.

Can my students take photographs?

Photography without flash is permitted in the galleries; however, we do request that during tours students are discouraged from taking lots of photographs so that they can concentrate on looking, listening and engaging in their program. Of course, most senior students have their phones with them and so it is up to the teacher to monitor student’s behaviours.

Can my students write notes? Can we bring our own worksheets?

We find that our programs are most successful when students can remain completely focussed on looking, speaking and listening. One of the reasons you will have brought your students to Heide is for them to experience the museum environment.

Please specify any particular curriculum objectives at the time of booking and if you develop a worksheet in the time leading up to your visit you can send this through to learning@heide.com.au