This program is a partnership between the museum and school that engages students in VTS in both classroom and gallery settings. Students visit Heide multiple times throughout the year to participate in VTS sessions in the galleries and make their own artworks in the Education Centre.

VTS School Partnerships are designed to build close working relationships with teachers and students. VTS School Partnerships are in-depth, multi-visit programs that focus on the processes of learning to look and constructing meaning from works of art. A brief overview:

  • Teachers complete introductory VTS training at Heide MoMA and begin to facilitate VTS sessions in their classroom
  • Heide Education supports teachers in developing their skills through ongoing training and classroom coaching
  • Partnering schools bring their students to the museum for multiple visits throughout the year
  • Students engage with artworks during VTS sessions in the exhibitions at Heide MoMA
  • In addition to the VTS-facilitated discussions, visits include learning activities in the galleries, as well as art-making workshops in the Education Centre
  • Students are provided with complementary museum passes to introduce their family and friends to exhibitions at Heide

Heide is currently partnered with two schools:

Koonung Secondary College

In 2014 Heide partnered with local school Koonung Secondary College to establish the first VTS School Partnership. Teachers from KSC completed introductory VTS training at Heide and begun to facilitate VTS discussions with their Year 7 students.

In 2016, these students are now in Year 9 and have visited multiple exhibitions at the museum where they confidently engage with and discuss contemporary artworks. KSC teachers are now experienced VTS facilitators and deliver VTS sessions to Year 7 – 9 students in their classrooms and in the Heide galleries.

"VTS is good, I enjoy concentrating on one artwork for a while and hearing what everyone thinks and everyone says different things. It makes looking at artworks more fun" - Peter, Year 8 student, Koonung Secondary College.

This video documents the partnership between Koonung Secondary College and Heide MoMA:

Epping Secondary College

Epping Secondary College are commencing their VTS School Partnership with Heide in 2016. Visual Arts and English teachers have completed introductory VTS training at Heide and are introducing fortnightly VTS sessions in their classrooms.

This year, 270 Year 7 students will visit Heide in terms 3 and 4 to explore the exhibitions using VTS and engage in art-making activities with educators and artists.

"Just thought I’d share with you my first experience with VTS. Today I introduced VTS to my Year 12 Studio Arts kids - they really enjoyed the experience and by discussing the image at length, they were able to realise that they understand aesthetics, and the way artists use them to tell a story or visually display an idea. Very powerful exercise, thanks again for the intro and the training" - Annamaria, Visual Arts teacher, Epping Secondary College

Epping Secondary College is supported by an education grant from the The CASS Foundation.