Sculpture park, design & sustainability

Explore our sustainability focused learning resources and discover how to introduce sustainable art to your classroom.

I Spy with my Heide Eye

This education resource is a journey of discovery around Heide with activities to complete along the way.

I Spy with my Heide Eye Education Resource

Anish Kapoor, In the Presence of Form II 1993, portland stone, 110 x 174 x 170 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Purchased through the Georges Mora Foundation with funds donated by the Victor Smorgon Charitable Trust 1993 Courtesy of the artist

Sculpture Park Discovery

Discovering art in outdoor spaces.

Sculpture Park Discovery Education Resource

Dennis Oppenheim, Basket and Wave (From Dreams and Nightmares) 1984, synthetic polymer paint on steel, concrete, 792 x 488 x 549 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gift of Dennis Oppenheim and Diana Gibson 1985, Courtesy of the artist

Condensation Capture

Condensation capture at Heide: a working diagram.

Condensation Capture Education Resource

Abstracting the Environment

The basic premise of this workshop is an easy approach to abstraction, using view and scale.

Abstracting with the Environment Education Resource

Peter D Cole, Red Hill, Black Hill, Green Hill 2006, steel, stainless steel, synthetic polymer paint, 150 x 270 x 600 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Commissioned through the Heide Foundation 2006 in memory of Ken Fletcher, Chairman of Heide Museum of Modern Art 1998-2002, Courtesy of the artist

Sustainable Arts Trail

This education resource demonstrates the museum's committment to sustainable practices, both past and present.

Sustainable Art Trail Education Resource

Heide Bee Hives 2015, Photograph: Jeremy Weihrauch

Sustainability Trail: Early Years

This education resources encourages students to uncover the susutainability practices of the museum.

Sustainable Trail Early Years Education Resource

Jeff Thomson, Cows 1987, painted corrugated iron, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Photograph: John Gollings 2010, © the artist

Sustainability Trail: Middle Primary

Heide I Kitchen Garden vegetables 2015

Sustainability Trail: Middle Secondary

Aimed at secondary students, this education resources contains activites that compare the susutainability practices of the museum.

Sustainable Trail Middle Years Secondary Education Resource

Heide II Kitchen Garden 2010, Photograph: Fred Kroh

Design in Practice

This education resource aims to support teaching and learning programs for VCE Visual Communication Design 2013-2017.

Design in Practice Education Resource

The Rose Walk Pavillion

1, 2, 3 at Heide I can see…

Our self-guided Sculpture Park maths trails develop students understanding of how maths can be found in diverse environments such as at Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Programs presented by Heide Museum of Modern Art in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

1 2 3 at Heide I can see...Education Resource

Neil Taylor, Theoretical Matter 1999-2000, welded steel, 320 x 304 x 390 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Mapping and Reflection: A Garden Transformed, initiated through Arts Victoria's Victoria Commissions Program, funded by the Community Support Fund of the Victorian Government