Heide history & collection artists

Explore the Heide story, Collection and artists with these education resources that prompt reflective questions and suggest follow-up tasks for further classroom discussion.

Yingabeal: The Wurundjeri Scarred Tree at Heide

This resource aims to assist students to develop their knowledge of Indigenous culture and the issues that threaten contemporary Indigenous heritage.

Yingabeal: The Wurundjeri Scarred Tree Education Resouce

Yingabeal: The Wurundjeri Scarred Tree video

Heide Scar Tree, Photograph: Natalie SImmons

Heide Keepsake

This resource encourages students to consider the relationship between the artists and the audience and includes a video component and activities.

Heide Keepsake Education Resource

Les Kossatz, Sweeney's Keepsake 1987, painted steel, 110 x 450 x 200 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gift of the artist 1987, © Estate of Les Kossatz

Making Heide History

This resource encourages students to engage with the history and development of Heide, from its origins as a private home to the public museum that welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Making Heide History Education Resource

Sunday and John Reed 1958

Danila Vassilieff

This education kit comprises information and tasks which introduce students to the work of artist Danila Vassilieff.

Danila Vassilieff Education Resource

Danila Vassilieff, Fitzroy Life 1938, oil on canvas, 48 x 61.1 cm

Albert Tucker

Albert Tucker is known as one of Australia’s foremost artists and as a key figure in the development of Australian modernism in Melbourne.

Albert Tucker Education Resource

Albert Tucker, London Bus 1957, oil on composition board, 122 x 92 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, © Estate of Barbara Tucker

Sidney Nolan

Sidney Nolan is well known for his iconic depictions of the saga of notorious nineteenth century outlaw Ned Kelly.

Sidney Nolan Education Resource

Sidney Nolan, Kelly at the Mine 1946-47, enamel on composition board, 90 x 121.3 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Purchased from John and Sunday Reed 1980

Mirka Mora

Mirka’s art is characterised by a sensuous, colourful naïve style and an idiosyncratic iconography of recurring motifs that include angels, children, birds, fantastical beasts and lovers.

Mirka Mora Education Resource

Mirka Mora, Mother and Child on Bird 1970, pastol and charcoal on paper, 73 x 52 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Willam Mora Galleries, Melbourne

Funfair High

Fun Fair High comprises video and activity resources. The resources engage you in considering how art transforms our 'looking' by making the ordinary appear extraordinary.

Funfair High Education Resource

Callum Morton, Ghost Train, Bulleen 2011, digital print on archival paper94.5 x 132.5 cm, 94.5 x 132.5 cm, Courtesy of the artist, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney