Being Human: The Graphic Work of George Baldessin

This exhibition focuses on Baldessin’s powerful graphic oeuvre, presenting prints and drawings in the Heide Collection created between the artist’s exhibition debut in 1964 and his untimely death in 1978.

Gunter Christmann: Now and Then

'Gunter Christmann: Now and Then' is the first exhibition to survey the fifty-year career of this remarkable Australian artist. It includes sound works, photographs and drawings alongside his paintings, and traces the evolution of his major themes and series.

From the Home of Mirka Mora

Drawn from the treasure trove of her private collection of paintings, soft-sculpture dolls, tapestries and sketchbooks, the exhibition brings a sense of Mirka’s home to Heide II, the modernist home of the Reeds.

Arthur Boyd: Brides

Arthur Boyd’s series Love, Marriage and Death of a Half Caste, more commonly known as the Brides, was painted between 1954 and 1958 after Boyd’s first journey to Central Australia. It represents not only a defining achievement in the artist’s career, but is one of the most significant suites of paintings of twentieth century Australian art.